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Most IRSC members are WTO members including the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, and so on . In order to give a general standard of certificate, IRSC developed a large of products and provide many kind of service. For example, our service includes research and development, education and training, and provides standard and system of certificate, and so on.
International Registration Occupational Skill Certification Center is the global organization for flexible learning and teaching deriving its position from:

1、the unique knowledge and experience of its members throughout the world

2、expertise from this in development and use of new methodologies and emerging technologies an important aim of IRSC is to      promote intercultural co-operation and understanding through flexible learning and teaching throughout the world.

Further Aims:

1、to contribute to the development of new methodologies and technologies in order to improve lifelong learning;

2、to foster international collaboration in flexible learning and teaching;

3、to support and develop networks for flexible learning and teaching at national, regional and global levels;

4、to encourage the development of good practice and standards in flexible learning and teaching.

IRSC carries out its mission adhering to the following objectives:

To educate individual trustees and boards on matters that affects their institutional oversight responsibilities

To promote wider understanding of and appreciation for citizen leadership and lay governance as the only effective ways to ensure the quality and independence .

To advance the philosophy that all elected or appointed trustees serve in the public trust and should consider themselves trustees of higher education as a whole

To strengthen the relationship between trustees and chief executives in the fulfillment of their distinct yet complementary responsibilities

To stimulate cooperation with public-policy makers, government agencies, and private organizations that have a stake in the effective governance and quality of colleges and universities

To identify and study emerging public-policy issues of concern to higher education by providing forums for their discussion and by encouraging appropriate member initiative. 



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International Registration Occupational Skill Certification Center

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