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International Registration Occupational Skill Certification Center (IRSC) is a global accreditation association that deal with the certificate of occupation qualifications, also known to all the country who are joined in WTO£¬who is on an international authoritative non- profit earning organization, is engaged in international professional qualifications approval£¬the authentication, training and consultation, unfolds the meeting, the forum and so on the international function organization¡£Though collaboration with agent enterprises, educational associations, and training schools, IRSC has developed more than 200 top-level certification programs .

IRSC is in line with the principle of " human-oriented, sincerity is the highest ", the consciousness and brand consciousness that establish service consciousness, develop consciousness, cooperate, through long-term untiring efforts, turn IRSC into the famous public organization.
Up till now, the members of IRSC are mostly WTO organization of member state, own nearly 60 organizations of member state such as U.S.A., Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore in common. Globalization, standardization, serialization of the international job credentials, and services, including research, development, education and training, standardization and certificate making and seminar, forum where the extensive publication stand , etc.
Certified professional manager is a typical product that presents to public by IRSC. The objective of this accreditation is to train the professional manager and promote the quality of manager. This certified professional manager includes an ability examination. The consequence of this examination will tell us the level of the manager. Today, we need a professional manager group in business affairs, So, the new system of IRSC will meet our demands. Actually, the training of IRSC is an effective one which had been proved by many facts. From this we could see the qualification of IRSC has the great reputation in the world.

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International Registration Occupational Skill Certification Center

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